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A gas line leak in your home can be devastating, therefore it is of utmost importance for you to keep a check on the maintenance of all the gas fittings. It is highly flammable so this is not a job you should undertake on your own. You need to hire a professional gas repair service to take care of your problems efficiently and swiftly.

After many years of use gas fittings can rust, corrode, become loose or begin to fail altogether. They are usually made of copper, stainless steel or other types of metal that can wear away over time. The threaded fitting is mostly where the gas line leaks from. Leaks usually result from low-quality line and fitting, pipe corrosion, poor hook-up assembly, old valves, or defective pipe threads. Older homes and commercial factories are at a bigger disadvantage as they may use gas systems that are not up-to-date or legacy appliances that are stressful for the fittings. In these situations, there is more risk of gas leaks and damage to the pipes. Apart from proper installation at the outset, the best measure that you can take to prevent gas leaks is to schedule regular maintenance and check-ups from a reliable service.

How to Identify a Gas Leak

There are certain signs that will help you determine if you have a gas leak before the situation goes out of hand. If you are aware of these, it will help you control the situation rapidly to avoid major damages to your property. Below are the signs that will tell you, you have a gas leak:

Smell: Even though natural gas is odorless, when it is processed for residential use, it is combined with a substance to give it a strong smell which is like rotten eggs or sulphur. If you find your kitchen smelling of sulphur or rotten eggs it is best to leave the house and call for help.

Visible damage: If you find plants or grass in your backyard dying for no apparent reason, there is a high chance of an underground gas leak. Natural gas appliances with damaged connections are also an indicator of gas leaks.

Sound: A hissing or whistling sound which has no other source, or even a roaring sound in certain cases tell you that there is a leak and the gas is escaping into the surrounding areas.

Pilot Light Malfunctioning: If the pilot light of your appliance keeps going out, there is a probability that there is a disruption in the fuel service, which is caused by a gas leak.

How to Test for a Gas Leak

There are certain methods you can use to ascertain if you have a gas leak:

The Bubble Test: You need to mix dishwashing liquid with some water. Dip a cloth or sponge in this solution, and wipe the line where you suspect the leak is coming from. If soapy suds begin to appear, it indicates you have a leak.   

Home Testing devices: At home improvement stores and even online you will find different types of electronic gas leak testers available.

Why choose Ruttley Services ?

Repair of gas line leaks can involve replacement of fittings, resealing of threads, or changing the faulty line completely. These jobs are best left to the professionals as natural gas and other cooking fuels like LPG, combust easily and can cause life-threatening damage. A small concentration of these leaked gases can easily explode or ignite. Therefore, to keep your loved ones and your property safe, get your installations commissioned and checked by an experienced technician.   

Here at Ruttley Services your safety is our topmost priority. Our team of licensed technicians make us the most reliable repair service in Wollongong region. Call us 24X7, we are ready to serve you any time of the day or night.

Once we receive your call, we will set up a visit to your property at the earliest time. And we will also let you know once we are 30 minutes away.

You will be given a fixed charge before we begin work once we have assessed the situation and there will be no extra additions. This ensures there are no hidden costs that you will be faced with at the end of the job.

Our team is very courteous, polite and respectful of your privacy. They will come to you in easily recognisable uniforms punctually at the given time. They are careful to cover your flooring and if there is any mess made, it is always cleared away to leave your space as it was when they started.

We accept payment by Open Pay, cash, EFTPOS, or credit card. Interest-free options are also available for higher value jobs.

Call us now if you smell gas, do not wait. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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David Rector
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Andrew Lawson
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Peter Goodear
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Nat C
Thanks to William for a wonderful job fixing all my leaks and plumbing issues. Was so professional and polite and the quality of work was sensational. Zero mess and great service. Will call William anytime I need help again.
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John Merity
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Vincent HUANG
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Nancy Venticinque
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Gabrielle Claridge
I found Ruttley Services responded to my request promptly. The plumber was punctual,very courteous and the job was completed to a high standard.
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Steve Willis
A Friendly, very professional service from Aarian and the team at Ruttley. Would happily use again and would recommend to anyone.

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