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We offer electrical switchboard upgrade, service and repairs.

When it comes to your safety switches, surge protectors and switchboards, you need a professional service provider who has years of experience in the field. We meet all these requirements and keep your safety at the top of your priority list.

Day to day life depends on a reliable electrical supply as a lot of our comfort and convenience comes from the many appliances and devices that are run on electricity. To ensure your safety and to cope with the power supplied by the utility company, you need to maintain your electrical systems in good working order. Here at Ruttley Services, we understand the importance of all the equipment you have in your homes. We are able to undertake the challenge of installing, repairing and configuring this equipment with ease. 

We provide the fixed costs in advance and this cost is always adhered to. Appointments once made are kept and our team is always punctual, in fact we will let you know 30 minutes in advance  before we reach.   

Our team of professional electricians carries out the work meticulously, with attention to every detail while ensuring they always leave the work area as they found it, with no mess left behind. Once you have ascertained the work has been done to your satisfaction, you can opt for different ways to make the payment. 

The options are Open Pay, credit card, cash, or EFTPOS. For high-value installations we also offer interest-free finance options. 


Today’s switchboards need to be geared up for a lot more to be able to keep up with the higher loads that are put on them. With many electrical fixtures and appliances that pull high levels of energy that we have in our homes and offices, we need a reliable switchboard installed. An older installation may not be able to take the load, which could cause power trips, flickering lights and power outages for no apparent reason. These are all signs that your switchboard needs to be upgraded and if you want to keep your appliances in good working condition, you need to call the experts at Ruttley Services.

Our trained electricians can carry out repairs efficiently to restore power to your home in event of an emergency. We understand the complexities of cabling, switches and circuitry.      

Surge Protectors

Surge protection devices are an essential part of your electrical circuitry that you can’t afford to neglect. Under normal circumstances the electricity flow to your home or workplace is uninterrupted and constant. However under certain circumstances, like when lightning strikes nearby or when there is a switch on the grid between different parts, the power may be disrupted for a split second. When it comes back with a jolt or a spike, the peak voltage could be beyond the normal range, this is known as a surge.

In these situations you need a surge protector, otherwise the internal circuitry of your appliances like the fridge, TV or other essential devices could get “fried”. At Ruttley Services we are proficient in installing surge protectors to protect your home. These can be installed at strategic locations next to vital circuits or cables. Or a master device can be placed to safeguard the entire property. Do remember it is better to take the extra precaution in advance rather than repent later.

Safety Switches

If you would like to provide further protection to your appliance and machines, then safety switches can help you with this. These switches can be installed throughout your home or office premises to monitor the flow of electricity. If there is any imbalance in the supply, they will stop the supply thereby eliminating the chance of damage to the appliances. They usually activate within seconds of the imbalance to isolate the appliance that has a fault.

A safety switch tripping is your first sign of damaged wiring or an overload due to too many appliances in one socket. Keeping them in good working condition is essential to the smooth functioning of your household and business as well. Call us to install and repair your safety switches. We can also determine the cause of the safety switch tripping and if it recurs we can isolate the problem to fix it instantly. Damaged sockets can be changed or repaired by our trained electricians.   

Why choose Ruttley Services ?

Ruttley Services is a local business in the Sydney and Illawarra regions with more than a decade of experience. We have a reputation of being a trustworthy organisation with first-class workers who have your best interests at the forefront.

Your patronage is valuable to us and we are most respectful of your private spaces. Our team takes the utmost care to protect any exposed surfaces before beginning the work.

Our price guarantee ensures you have no surprises at the end of the work. Should you have any problems that need emergency servicing we are always available for you 24X7 if required. We are prompt in our action and have your safety as our priority. 

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David Rector
David Rector
I utilised Ruttley Plumbers and Electricians and I cannot speak more highly of the service I received, from my first call to enquire, right through to the contractors being in my home and the office management staff. They are friendly, respectful, skilled and patient. The plumbing was efficient and very reasonable and the electrical was thoughtfully navigated by the guys. They were generous with their time and service and put up with my endless questions. Really reliable and responsive team. I absolutely will avail myself of their services into the future. Thank you:)
Andrew Lawson
Andrew Lawson
Very quick to respond and clear in advising what the issue was, the cost, and then promptly fixing the problem. Just what I wanted.
Peter Goodear
Peter Goodear
Very professional service. Quick to respond and arrive at the designated time.
Nat C
Nat C
Thanks to William for a wonderful job fixing all my leaks and plumbing issues. Was so professional and polite and the quality of work was sensational. Zero mess and great service. Will call William anytime I need help again.
John Merity
John Merity
The Ruttley guys were very professional. Happy to recommend.
Vincent HUANG
Vincent HUANG
Quick and great. They care and meet customer requirements.
Nancy Venticinque
Nancy Venticinque
Great service, very professional, on-time and clean up after themselves. Would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone who asks.
Gabrielle Claridge
Gabrielle Claridge
I found Ruttley Services responded to my request promptly. The plumber was punctual,very courteous and the job was completed to a high standard.
Steve Willis
Steve Willis
A Friendly, very professional service from Aarian and the team at Ruttley. Would happily use again and would recommend to anyone.

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