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How much does pipe relining cost?

A significant drain repair technology, Pipe Relining is a cost-effective approach to completing drain repairs without digging or carrying out other complex solutions.  It can last long and costs around $500 to $800 per meter. However, other cost factors should be taken into account while comparing different repair options.

Pipe Relining works by inserting an eco-friendly epoxy liner, infused with resin into the defective pipe. This method mainly uses pressurised air and hot water to eliminate the issues and reduce the risk of joining old pipes with new ones.

This cost-effective approach is suitable for both residential and commercial facilities and can easily restore domestic and commercial roof drains, vertical systems, and sanitary drains, pipes within and under-building foundations, systems with multiple elbows, branches, and transition, and all kinds of pipes.

Since it offers easily existing access points, technicians can easily complete the repair process without digging. The team should comprise experienced, licensed, and insured technicians to minimize the risks and to ensure that the installation work will be carried out smoothly.

A Guide to Pipe & Drain Problems

Pipe problems like root intrusion and corrosion are inevitable with age, but even today’s residential plumbing can have broken pipes or blocked drains. The systems are prone to structural failure, copper pinhole leaks, corroded galvanized pipes, and root intrusion.

Below are mentioned the common symptoms indicating that your plumbing may have trouble.

  • Poor water flow
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Foul-smelling drinking water
  • Visible mildew and mold
  • Pooling water at ground level

The traditional way of repairing a pipe or drain is to dig in front of it, remove any damaged sections, and then insert new ones. If you are fixing a problem under the lawn or garden, the option of removing the old pipe and doing it all through physical access may sometimes be cheaper, but it can cause landscape damage. In addition, this method might affect even the best joins while making them prone to leaking.

Moreover, the cost of the traditional digging approach multiplies by manifolds when the problem exists under a solid structure like a driveway and footpath. In such cases, pipe relining is the only solution available, as it can easily fix the problem without breaking the bank.

There are plenty of reasons to recommend the pipe relining approach without which the condition will only become worse as:

  • Dirt and dust will continue to seek into pipes through holes and cracks.
  • Tree root growth will enter the pipe and cause constant blockages.
  • Wastewater continues to escape out of loose cracks or joins
  • Sewage smell will come out, causing a foul stink

High-Pressure Water Cleaning

This high-pressure water cleaning is capable of breaking up even the densest matter such as rust, paint, concrete, and more, making it a suitable approach for shifting substances attached within or around a drain.

It is a fast and effective solution to clear build-ups and blockages while preparing the pipes for CCTV inspection.

CCTC Drain Inspections

As soon as high-pressure jets clean the pipe, a technician can insert a CCTV camera to locate the issues present in the drainage system. These could be anything, from gradual build-ups and structural problems to unaddressed cracked and broken pipes. The CCTV inspection helps you reach inaccessible areas to determine the root cause of the trouble.

Pipe Relining Solutions

Here’re mentioned the best and most effective pipe relining solutions to fix the drainage system.

Pipe Patching for Sectional Repairs

Sectional pipe patching is a cheap, but effective solution for fixing common problems in pipes. To initiate the process, technicians first clean the pipe interiors and add a poly woven soft lined soaked in epoxy.

Thereafter, they insert an inflatable bladder and position the pair inside the pipe. The inflated bladder ensures that a liner and epoxy resin bond to the inner wall of the drain Once it gets done, the bladder is deflated and removed. This leaves your pipes free of corrosion, clogs, and tree roots.

The best thing about Sectional Pipe Patching is that the process isn’t time-consuming. It takes around one or two days; hence will not interrupt your daily routine much.

Some of the benefits that make this pipe relining approach worth trying are:

  • It doesn’t allow tree roots to enter the pipe or drain.
  • Improves the water flow rate
  • Makes the pipe structurally sound
  • Protects the drain from groundwater contamination.

Junction Patching

Defective or inappropriately fitted connections and junctions have been affecting drains for decades and unfortunately, the problem is still continuing. Several reasons lead to the faulty rehabilitated connections, including the compression of materials during the curing process, incorrect fitting of the post lining, and a lack of resistance against sewage.

That’s where junctional patching comes into the role. This approach works well when walls or floors reflect damp signs or begin to produce mold. The advantages of using Junction Patching are mentioned below.

  • High durability
  • It won’t affect the water flow.
  • Excellent bonding with existing pipes
  • Offers both custom-fit and tight-fitting options

Robotic Cutting

Robotic Cutting equipment features an integrated colour camera, air, and water cleaning, thus providing flexible, reliable, and efficient manoeuvrability in pipes or drains, ranging from 50mm to 250mm in diameter. This equipment is used to cut, grind, and mill intrusions, grout-filled pipes, and blocked sewers.

Robotic Cutting makes pipes and drains ready for the pipe relining process. Once the relining is completed, technicians can use the robotic equipment again to re-open lateral connections in relined pipes.

Inversion Pipe Relining

The next solution is inversion pipe relining. It is ideal for lengthy pipe-works that need one continuous length of liner. Inversion pipe relining is a four-step process – First, you need to create a mixture of epoxy and silicate resin. Secondly, fill the mixture into the long liner using a roller.

Third, place the liner in a pressurised inversion drum that turns the liner inside out whole forcing it through a nozzle into the pipe. Last, use a combination of hot water and compressed air to harden the line and create a new, solid surface inside your existing pipe with a long-lasting life expectancy.

What is the cost of Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining is way more cost-effective than digging or other complex solutions to repair defective pipes or drains. It costs around $500 to $800 per meter; however, a site visit is mandatory to know the exact estimate.

Several variables can affect the pipe relining cost, such as

  • The total number of breaks and their lengths
  • Labor time
  • Location of the damage
  • Material of the pipe
  • Relining material required
  • Ease of access to the pipes
  • The total diameter of damaged pipework
  • The number of re-building pipe connections after completing the Pipe Relining process

Still, confused about whether to opt for Pipe Relining is worth it or not? Keep scrolling and learn more cost and quality benefits offered by this repair process.

Improves Water Flow

Pipe Relining effectively clears out the build-ups and reduces the friction, thus improving the water flow.


Unlike Dig to Discover method, this approach takes far lesser time, thus saving time, labor, and money.

Minimal Disruption

Pipe Relining is the best approach for those looking for a mess-free solution to get rid of defective drains.

It is future-proof

This approach offers a long-lasting solution to the drain problems by creating a smooth barrier and fitting to all cracks and lines; thus preventing leaks.


Pipe Relining is a reliable and proven drain repair approach, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

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